EDITO – Mohamed Rahmo

Why Halal ?

Because everything became Haram and we relate on the fact that everything is Halal except what Adam considered as Haram. Why Halal? Because everybody became a terrorist except the one who’s been pardoned by the judge? Because it’s Haram to stay quiet while you can actually speak? Because it’s Haram to let things the way they are while you have the key inside you, because it’s a shame to have a brain and not use it… Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Today Halal Fanzine has one goal: create a free space to let people express themselves, Halal Fanzine will not use too many metaphores because second degree’s era is over, and telling subtil things doesn’t work anymore. As of now, it’s time to say things the way they simply are and open the big gate and say them loud, because today we must open the door and enter without asking if there’s someone in because we’re actually the owners, it’s time to clean the mess and cook dinner and sit at the table, behave like a family… Who’s saying this? Is this person insane? It’s Haram, what he’s saying may unleash a conflict… Aoudo bi allah these people: internet screw them… This is Haram, Haram.

Why is it Haram brother, is it me? Have I asked to kill people? To torture them? Isn’t it Haram to shut up and let people die in wars, when people are starving? Isn’t it Haram when God told us to learn and be educated and we didn’t? Shall we have the same debates and conflicts about Acharites and Mu’tazila… Is it wrong or right? Shall we discuss one more time reason, ethics and moral?… And we’ll keep spinning around and around…

The issue today is simple: to express an idea is Halal and we came here today to support the Halal. Our war is a interior struggle against keeping our mind shut and give up our conscience… Anyway, in order not to make you loose your time, we’ll get to the subject where the core belongs, solid as a stone, as steel that helps forging swords that cut heads… This is what we don’t want to see, that’s why we’d like to provide a safe space for all the people who don’t have one, a safe space to express themselves.

Halal Fanzine is a silent scream, through images and texts so that people could  speak about anything they want the way they want, Halal Fanzine is a place where you can say what you want, we’ll talk about minorities who are not small, and we’ll talk about the majority who’s not that big, and we’ll turn towards solutions and fight self-censorship before any guardianship will be applied on us. Halal Fanzine is neither the first nor the last try, Halal Fanzine is just a baby born while hearing the sound of rockets and bullets. His parents are telling him quiet my child this is not good, and his aunt is telling him shut up why do you wanna put yourself in such trouble, Halal Fanzine respects and doesn’t respect, it opens and doesn’t open, Halal Fanzine discuss but doesn’t, Halal Fanzine is the freedom dictator and free to assault domination and oppression. This project came after many experiments, each thing said in Halal Fanzine is meticulously chosen, quality is not in the content but in the idea itself, Halal Fanzine is neither chiite nor sunnite, it is not a system against a revolution, it is not a majority against an opposition.

At the end, Halal Fanzine is just people practising Halal.

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We are not criminals, but we do commit crimes against the government and the system until we’re done with it.

Revolution starts once you get hit by a truncheon for the first time

When gas and bullets are the only things left besides the police and the army, we are the ones who don’t come home. We are the guardians of freedom.

My father didn’t see the king in the moon because he was blind.

Street war doesn’t bring stability, it sets people free.

Stability is keeping things still, as they are.

If we cannot destroy LMakhzen, we’ll free all the sheeps during the night of Eid Al Adha.

If you had helped your classmate during the baccalaureate he wouldn’t have become a cop.

Fedwa Larwi is the only mother I had in my life.

Morocco is a crime scene.

Moroccan is not a nationality, it’s an issue.

Repeat your ablutions.

We don’t want to kill or kidnap the king.

We want to kill the authority, and rape the representative democracy.

If we get caught, don’t forget that we are vegetarians.

We don’t ask for hashish legalization, because regulation is not regulatory.

The group needs one hour per day. Each has to have a mission, each mission linked to the group

The best group is the one who’s not made yet

You can make Molotov if you’re doing nothing

If there wasn’t birth control we’d be done with LMakhzen

LMakhzen is us in addition to fear

Fear is us without Molotov

Our identity is being hit and gather truncheons

We walk together because we don’t like individual madness

The individual is the base

Those who want to make a revolution alone can join the other group

Benbarka is the first Moroccan who obtained a license degree

When millions will take the street, then our mission will be successful

When people will come home, we’ll have to go back to work

The majority will die during the revolution

If your uncle is a cop, take his gun. If you’re a cop, kill yourself before you finish reading

Change is a sport effort, running is one of the most important skills

Running: boldness added to fear

It is possible to use the royal castle as a postal office

You think our gatherings are in vain, meaningless

Sahara belongs to no one

Mohamed VI granted a pardon to Daniel

The green march spawned several orphans

The old world needs to be shaken

The Makhzen is on the edge, we have to push it

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Tell me, what is a border?

Is it this imaginary line on the world map?

Is it this big river that binds two nations?

Is it this wall in the land of the rising sun?

Tell me, what is a border?

Is it this culture that helps me open myself to you?

Is it this language that separates me from the others?

Is it this law that defines me, that defines good and evil?

Tell me, what is a border?

Is it my consciousness that protects me from this madness?

Is it this reality that appears through my glance?

Tell me, what is a border?

Is it your skin that covers me?

Is it my convictions that reject you?

Is it your absence that pushes you away from me?

Tell me, just tell me why so many borders…


Each woman catches a heart between her hands


Your honor is not here


Since puberty, a woman is being sexualized. She’s confronted to taboo, restrictions, her body is seen as threat, and it becomes an emergency to watch this filthy body and control its power because it might compromise the phallocentric system and its quietness.

My life is none of your business

The moroccan woman’s body doesn’t belong to her, not completely because it’s also the property of  society.



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When you’ve always been in this country, you see the streets in perspective view. Consecutive messy buildings of all kinds.

No matter how long you walk its streets.

No matter how many stories you had.

But I will never understand why this is such a mess.

Everything is complicated, lousy, untidy.

I don’t know if it’s mandatory to make the world so confused. But before, I suppose it was much simpler.




Artistic wait


TITLE: BLED RUNNER (Moorish substance)

Sheep sale

Aïd Offer

I often dream of these electric sheeps, what does it mean?

Am I a real man or a machine like these neons?

Is this world real or a simulacrum?

I was taught that after death, for some of us, it’s called paradise. Isn’t that reality? How do we know?


Shed my tears


Love story between two eyelashes of the left eye

  • I love you
  • So do I


The nervous system


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